New Year, New THINGS

Happy New Year! All of us here at One Foot in the Door Productions hope you had a happy New Year and are finally settling down into 2019. We sure are! One NEW Foot in the WEBSITE We’re starting the new year with a new website! It’s simpler, easier, and we’re very excited about it.Continue reading “New Year, New THINGS”

It’s a Podcast

Lost in Spaces is now on iTunes or where you get your podcasts! Just search OFitD Lost in Spaces in your podcast app and starting enjoying our adventures into space! Lost in Spaces is also on Soundcloud, follow the link below and listen to all four episodes today for free!…/s…/lost-in-spaces-all-four-episodes

New Year, New Things: an introduction to OFitD in 2018

Hello Wonderful People! Welcome to 2018! This year is a big one for us here at One Foot in the Door and we’re not wasting any time. We have a lot of exciting things to share with you, and the first thing we’re doing to achieve that is producing regular updates. In these updates we’llContinue reading “New Year, New Things: an introduction to OFitD in 2018”

Survived another Edinburgh Fringe

Hello wonderful people! There are some very cool and interesting things on the horizon here at One Foot in the Door Productions, the first being these new little updates! We have a small family of you who follow us and we know it’s nice to know what’s happening before it happens, so we’ll be bloggingContinue reading “Survived another Edinburgh Fringe”